“‘Falling Away from What Is Human:’ Thomas Pynchon and the Posthuman Gothic” (2022) (link)


Apocalypse Never: Walter Benjamin, the Anthropocene, and the Deferral of the End” in SFRA Review, vol. 51, no. 2 (Spring 2021) (link to article)

“The Subterranean Imaginary: A Dictionary of the Descent” in SPLM: Society for the Propagation of Libidinal Materialism (Minreport, 2021) (link to publishers; link to PDF)

“‘That’s not us!’ Wake in Fright and the Australian nightmare” in Overland (Issue 247, Winter 2022) (link to issue; link to online copy)

“It’s Just One Thing After Another: The Bad Infinities of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit” in Infinity Wars: Hegel and Spinoza (Index Journal, forthcoming 2022)

Lectures and talks:

“Into a Silent Universe: The Sublime and the Eerie in Byron and Ballard,” seminar with the Cultural Enquiry Research Group at Federation University (2019)  (link to paper)

“Subterranean Passages: The Gothic and Philosophy,” lecture series with the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy (Winter 2021) (link to outline)

“Apocalypse Never: Walter Benjamin and the Deferral of the End,” guest lecture for the Contemporary Theoretical Network at University of Birmingham (2022) (link to paper)